Early Learning Center Programs

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. There are many ways that we provide a safe environment.  We adhere to state required parent to child ratios, post cameras at both exits, utilize a keypad entry, and strictly enforce authorized pick-up policies and procedures.

No personal items are within reach of children. Emergency preparedness training and drills are part of regular staff training. Rooms and toys are disinfected daily. We enforce a sick policy to minimize the transmission of illness and bacteria.

The ELC is run in an orderly fashion with routines and structure that help children feel safe and secure.

Our hands-on, child-centered, play-based program provides children with experiences that are useful and meaningful. Children are given the freedom to laugh and play while engaging in age appropriate child-centered activities, such as easel painting, sensory play, color mixing, games, singing, counting and weighing objects, performing science experiments, reading and writing stories, squishing play dough, playing dress-up, building with blocks, zooming cars and cooking.

Our teachers are facilitators who provide an environment where children learn through open-ended play, explore their natural surroundings, learn problem-solving skills and are provided with opportunities for creative thinking and self-expression. We facilitate a love of learning by making time each day to create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read, and play. We believe that intellectual and emotional development occur when children overcome a difficult task and then master it through repetition.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is biblically-based and non-denominational. It is unique to the Wells County ELC and is implemented with attention to the needs and differences of children and their families. Our curriculum meets the requirements of the Indiana Department of Education Academic Standards and prepares children for the next stages of learning.

Because of our relationship with the Caylor-Nickel Foundation Family YMCA, we are able to provide free swim lessons to our preschoolers. These lessons take place in the Caylor-Nickel Foundation Family pool and are tailored to the preschoolers.